The Role of Marketing

 The role of Marketing is to identify customer’s needs and wants and promote the idea that a product/service can satisfy those needs and wants. Marketers can’t actually create the need, but they can create awareness in the customer’s mind that a need exists.  Some customers may not be aware that a need exists.  The role of marketing is to educate the customer on the existence of a problem or need and offer a solution that will enhance the customer’s life or make their job easier. Marketers do this by creating and promoting a value proposition which is basically a set of benefits that will satisfy identified customer needs. Marketers identify customer needs and wants through research.  They segment markets and identify distinct customer profiles to position their product/service as the best solution to meet that particular customer’s need. Good marketers have their finger on the pulse of their customers.  So, in essence, marketing identifies the needs and wants of customers and through value propositioning, portrays a particular product/service to satisfy those wants and needs. Customers then have a choice as to whether to purchase a particular product or service based on all of the information they have gathered pertaining to a solution to their need/want.

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