The Power of YouTube for Business

Video sharing is gaining in popularity, and predictions indicate that we’ll see big gains in visual and content marketing in 2013, particularly through videos and images (, 2013).  In fact, YouTube boasts that viewership is up 50% since 2010 with over 4 billion videos viewed daily. The site goes on to report that video uploads have increased 37% in the last 6 months with over 60 hours uploaded every minute. YouTube also reports that mobile use has tripled in the last year with 400 million views a day!

YouTube Global Monthly Visits

YouTubeAppGoogle’s mobile YouTube App is available for iPhones, Android, Blackberry, tablets, and iPads. It offers some slick features including easy channel browsing, sharing videos with friends on social media sites, and access to major label music videos (Newton, 2012). The app also offers a personalized experience with subscriptions, access to playlists, personal recommendations, and uploads. Other features include video suggestions on what to watch next and live stream closed captioning.

No matter what business you’re in, whether it’s B2B or B2C, YouTube is popular. Let’s face it we’re all busy, and it’s easier to watch a how to video rather than plow through a lengthy instruction manual.  And, with a YouTube app, we can watch videos on our phone, anytime, anyplace.

We’ve established that YouTube is popular and the mobile app is cool and convenient.  So, how can YouTube be used by B2B companies to drive business?

Cisco Systems, Inc., a global leader in networking systems, has had great success with B2B videos. In fact the company has over 3,500 video posted on YouTube with over 46,000 subscribers and 6 million + views! In an interview with Grant Crowell of Online, Leslie Drate, Cisco’s Social Media Team Leader, attributes this success to creating meaningful videos that apply to each stage of the sales process including a call to action. For example, to address the awareness stage, offer a thought leadership type talking head video. For the consideration stage, use an industry trends video. Use a product solution demo video in the design stage, and offer a training video post-sale. (Crowell, 2012).

Incorporating videos into the marketing communications mix is a great way to strengthen and increase brand awareness and educate customers on product solutions.

Watch this video on how YoutTube can help build your business.

Here are some other ways B2B companies can drive business with videos on YouTube:

  • Videos can engage viewers by capturing emotions and feelings through strong audio and visual imagery and can leave a lasting impression of the brand, product, or service.
  • YouTube is a global site and a video has the potential to be viewed by millions. Companies can reach a mass audience for the relatively low cost of the video production. Plus, a video with unique, compelling content has the ability to go viral, resulting in huge success for the company.
  • Videos can be optimized for search engines with titles, descriptions, tags, and keywords, all of which will increase the likelihood of the video ranking high on relevant searches. Since Google owns YouTube, YouTube video search can be conducted directly from Google search.
  • Businesses can use videos to showcase product features and benefits, training, how-to guides, testimonials, recruitment, and company capabilities, all of which represents valuable content that can point customers to a website or landing page for further information and/or purchase options. Viewers can also share these videos easily with their social networks.
  • Businesses can advertise on YouTube videos and create campaigns with GoogleAdwords.  Audiences can be targeted by keyword, topic, or demographics such as geography, language, gender, or age. Advertisers are only charged if someone chooses to watch the video. Campaign management and detailed reporting is available on view counts, length of views, and demographic data. Companies can also remarket to individuals who have visited their website.

Business can measure the success of their videos and calculate ROI by monitoring views, click thru rates, website visits, impressions, referring URLs, web and social media mentions, likes, shares, tweets, follows, channel subscriptions, form submittals, and purchases.

In closing, YouTube is a powerful tool for business. Its broad reach enables companies to engage, connect with, and quickly spread their message to a global audience, who in turn, can share that message with their networks.  YouTube helps companies leverage their brands, create awareness, and drive business on a global basis.


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6 Responses to The Power of YouTube for Business

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  2. You’re right, video marketing is on the rise. It is an avenue that entrepreneurs ans small companies are still experimenting with, with bigger companies being able to afford teams that take care of this emerging marketing tactic. Fortunately, you don’t need complex equipment to talk to your audience via a camera. Engaging with people with video can make them feel as though they know you. This familiarity is important for the customer-seller mix, as people like to do business with people they know and trust.

    • JA Silva says:

      Great point! I agree that people feel more engaged with video. I also think that short videos can convey a message quickly and easily. People are busy, and video is the perfect medium for today’s on-the-go society.

  3. Hi Judith, YouTube has present itself in the beginning as an online space to put your videos and to share them with others, then and with the enormous spread of social media in general and YouTube in particular, YouTube creators started to work on their search engine and they still working on it until now and they will keep doing that until reach the wanted transformation to the powerful educated tool in spite of its entertaining goal which YouTube was created for. This transformation is very difficult and evens the largest engine search “Google” have a hard time doing it. The text era is about to vanish as a way of communicate and deliver information and ideas in upcoming future, YouTube is a perfect way to present the new generation a new method of teaching, learning, and communicate. YouTube platform as its today is still in its immature phase, chaos is the main problem faced by social media platforms and YouTube is not an exception of that.

  4. I think it’s brilliant that you included a YouTube video in your text explaining how businesses can use YouTube in your post about the power of YouTube! While YouTube is a form of social media, the presence of other social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook have significantly increased the popularity of YouTube by allowing users to post and share and re-tweet videos found on YouTube.

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