What’s So Great About QR Codes?

Mobile QR codes are used by both business-to-consumer (B2C) as well as business-to-business (B2B) companies across many applications in a variety of industries, from retail to industrial manufacturing.  In this post, we’ll focus on how B2B companies can benefit from QR codes.

QR code use has risen dramatically. In fact, Marketingcharts.com (2012) reports that marketers say QR codes are the most popular mobile channel for customer engagement, surpassing mobile app creation, mobile commerce, and mobile emails. Likewise, the Scanbuy Trend Report (2013) reveals that “mobile users conducted more than 18 million scans of QR Codes and UPC mobile barcodes in Q1 2013. The month of March 2013 garnered more than 6.7 million scans alone, the highest-generating month registered since the report began in 2009”.

What is a QR code?

QR CodeA QR code is a 2D square matrix-like image consisting of small black and white squares and rectangles that stores information such as a hyperlink, and can be decoded by scanning with a smart phone via a QR code reader app.

How do I get a QR code?

QR codes can easily be generated free through sites such as Delivr.com. These sites also provide analytics to measure the performance of the QR code which we’ll discuss later.

How do I scan a QR Code?

You can scan a code and get the information you need in a snap with a QR Code Mobile Reader App.  Some phones are equipped with reader apps, but if yours doesn’t have one, simply download one of the numerous free QR code reader apps such as Scan QR Code and Barcode Reader or QuickScan QR Code Reader from the App Store, and you’re ready to begin scanning. Watch this video on how easy it is to scan a QR code.

What’s the benefit?

QR code readers are a convenient way to quick get information about a product or service from any location directly on your phone. This mobility is key for our fast paced, on-the-go life-styles. And, with a tap, you can share it with your friends.

How can B2B companies use QR codes to drive business?

  • Advertisements – As a call to action to obtain additional information, thus, driving  business. For example, the code can point to a website, shopping cart, an article/white paper download, video, a podcast, a blog, etc.
  • Business cards – Contacts can quickly get additional information about the company.
  • Products –  Customers can scan to purchase replacement parts as well as obtain installation, operation, and maintenance information.
  • Product packaging for warranty registration.
  • Marketing materials for customers to provide feedback or take a survey.
  • Tradeshows and events. People don’t want to carry a lot of information, particularly when at a tradeshow or conference. Using QR codes on graphics and posters allows customers to get the information they need without having to carry it with them.
  • Installation manuals and literature to access a live chat/customer support.
  • Printed material to direct customers to the company’s social media sites.
  • Can be used for special promotions to obtain coupons, discounts, free event tickets, product samples.

The graphic below shows how QR codes can be used:

QR CODE InfographicHow is success measured?

QR code generator sites provide detailed analytics on QR scans. For example, Delivr.com offers a dashboard where you can manage your campaigns and get real-time reporting on campaign activity including scans by country, state, city, zip code, hour, day, week, operating system, and URL trigger. By combining QR scan data with web site visits, downloads, form submissions, likes, follows, mentions, and purchases, businesses can get a detailed analysis on each campaign over several platforms.

The graphic below shows examples of reporting capability of Delivr.com.


Does your business use QR codes?  How do you measure their success?

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  1. Sharon VanDell says:

    This was very helpful Judy, you explained it very well.
    Thanks, Sharon

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